Side Projects.

How it started

Five friends meet up in Southeast Asia to re-capture their dreams.

The pitch ?

The essence of The Lost Years is the chance to re-capture we’ve lost to hesitation and being walked on by others.


Tell me more...

We had spent too many years making decisions not based on what we wanted but what others told us to do.

We want to inspire others the way we wish we had the courage to act early on. We are now traveling the world asking people what their dream is to motivate them to act toward it.

What's the goal? 

Realize our dreams and help or inspire others along the way.

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The pitch ?

Give ourselves and others a Chance for the future, a chance for a better existence, and a chance at leaving this world a better place than how we found it. 


Tell me more...

The Chance Project is a platform to share our experiences, our creative efforts, our personal projects, and our work with non-profit organizations (5 main focus areas:  Community, Creativity, The Environment, Non-Profits, and Social Change.).

Who is behind the project ? 

Five people from different sides of the planet who have gathered very far from home to do social good – hoping to spur others to do what they can to help the causes as well.

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