Travel Tip #1 : How to stay in Bali for 6 months ?

If you are wondering how to stay in Bali for 6 months and what are the costs, here is the process I went through.

Stay in Bali for 6 months (social and cultural visa)

Staying 6 months in Bali

Staying 6 months in Bali

To be able to stay longer than 2 months in Indonesia, you have to apply for a social visa (social cultural visa B-211). With this visa, you can enter Indonesia and stay for an initial 2 months. After these 60 days, you can extend the visa 4 times directly from Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia (each extension gives you 30 days more).

You have to apply for the visa at an Indonesian embassy outside of the country. It is impossible to apply for a Social Visa while being in Indonesia.

It's a single entry visa only, which means that leaving the country will cancel its validation. If you want to re-enter the country, you won't be able to use this visa, you will have to do the process again.

Social and cultural visa Bali

How to apply for the Visa?

• Bali Social & Cultural Visa •

To apply for the Bali Social & Cultural Visa, you simply need to visit an Indonesian embassy outside of the country (from your home country or if you are already in Indonesia, you must go to another country to apply).

* I applied from Penang in Malaysia. My application went successfully but not all cities have the same application process and some places are easier to apply than others. If you are abroad, you should contact the nearest embassy and check their requirements for the visa. Each embassy might have its own requirements and regulations.*

Here are the documents you will have to provide at the Indonesian embassy :

Social and cultural visa Bali application

  • A sponsor letter from an Indonesian citizen living in Indonesia : If you do not know an Indonesian citizen who can issue a sponsor letter for you, you can get a sponsor letter for your social visa application with the help of a visa agent online (cost around 20$).

  • Sponsor's ID or Passport valid for minimum 6 months from the date of entry to Indonesia

  • 2 passport style photos 3x4cm

  • Photocopy of the main passport page

  • Photocopy of your passport page with the stamp of entry to the country where you apply

  • Photocopy of your Bank statement to guarantee availability of funds for covering the expenses during your stay in Indonesia (make sure you have around 1 500$)

  • Flight Ticket to Bali (some embassies also required your return ticket)

  • Visa Fee : ~50$

  • Visa application form (provided at the embassy)

How much does the visa cost?

> Costs: (first 2 months)

- Visa Fee: ~$50 - Sponsor letter (if agent) : ~$17

> Costs: (last 4 months)

- Visa Extension: ~$35/month

- Visa Agent for Extension (not required): ~$60/each month (including extension cost)


Without agent: ~$210

With agent for extensions:~$315

Cost of a 6 month visa bali

To remember

  • You pay for the visa monthly, you don't have to pay for everything at the same time.

  • The visa can be extended 4 times every 30 days for a total of 6 months.

  • You CANNOT LEAVE INDONESIA during those six months. If you leave, you lose the ability to extend to six months.

  • You're not automatically accepted for the visa – in which case you waste ~ $70

  • You'll have to visit the immigration office to extend your visa every month after the first 2 months.

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