Travel Diary #32 : THE LIST • Update of our challenges

Remember The LIST?

The List is 31 challenges we created to add more spice to our travel through Asia.

Now it's time to give you a real update about the challenges

Have we crossed all the challenges ?

But we've tried, and we've done more than half.

Now it's time to show you the proofs.

Here is a reminder of the 31 challenges :

Here are some proofs !

#1. Crash a (wedding) chinese new's year

#2. Sail to a different country 🚫

#3. No internet (and electronics) for a week

(As it was not hard enough, we added an extra "spending 2 days in a remote village in the middle of the jungle")

#4. Ride a train to nowhere 🚫

#5. Make someone’s dream come true

#6. Full Moon Party

#7. Get in touch with an old friend

#8. Join a Muay Thai fight/ bet on

#9. Spend a night in a monastery

#10. Eat the spiciest food in Thailand 🚫

#11. Spend a night on a deserted island 🚫

#12. Meet someone famous/ get in YouTuber’s video

Better than nothing ! We don't officially appear in the video but I was able to meet this famous french photographer whose work I love! Check his work : @JonathanBertin

#13. Get a tattoo

One was ok, but Thomas decided to get more than 10.

#14. Save an animal

We bought "Tom" (a young and ambitious black chicken) before his head was cut off like his comrades. We bought him for 50.000 Lao KIP (around 5€) and brought him to the countryside to let him free !

#15. Send a message in a bottle 🚫

#16. Make a documentary

#17. Sleep under the stars 🚫

#18. Spend the night in a local family’s home

#19. Re-enact “The Beach”

#20. Make a presentation to an audience 🚫

#21. Karaoke “Zina”

#22. Get 20 people to a beach cleanup 🚫

#23. Pay a child’s tuition for a year

#24. Hitchhike race

#25. Host a Christmas party

#26. Drive a tuk-tuk 🚫

#27. Leave a map to another bucketlist 🚫

#28. Convince a stranger to follow us

We met Aomsin in Chiang Mai, she came with us in Pai for a few days (:

#29. “Yes Man” Challenge 🚫

#30. Participate in a local tournament 🚫

#31. Drink snake blood 🚫