Travel Diary #21 : A day in a Balinese School

I'm back in Bali and It's the perfect time for me to tell you more about a non-profit that allowed me to live a unique experience a few months ago !

Thanks to Bali Children Foundation, I had the chance to spend a day in a Balinese school and experience how education looks on the other side of the planet. Between chantings, religious involvements and school uniforms, I had the opportunity to learn more about the local culture - and unfortunately, the inequalities in the country too.

BCF is a charity helping thousands of children complete school, to find employment, and improve their lives in Bali. After identifying villages with disadvantaged families, the organization facilitates funds for scholarships and provides extra educational content for the children.

English is an important skill for employment in Bali, that's why the organization delivers an English program through extra-curricular classes. I assisted a class led by a volunteer while children had to write letters to Australian correspondents.

Here are some pictures of my experience !

More information about Bali Children Foundation here !