Travel Diary #27 : Surf & Sunsets

We left Kuta for "one last adventure", and moved 30 minutes away to Selong Belanak.

So, here we are, in our last home of this trip in Asia, and this place is probably the most incredible place we will ever stay at.

On the top of a mountain with the view of the sea, and in between 2 monkey forests, we are at the forefront of amazing sunsets every evening.

On every drive, we get a taste of life in the countryside...

Portrait photography is what I like the most, especially when I can capture smiles of funny kids dying to pose in front of the camera.

Our local friend, Pikri, brought us fishing with him. After a few hours, we came back with 8,2 kilos of Piranhas !

... that we obviously cooked the same night :

And here is the reason why we moved to this part of Lombok; Selong Belanak is the ultimate beginner's surf spot in Lombok. So, for 2 weeks now, we start each day with a surfing session. I hope I'll be able to share a video of us mastering waves in the next blog post !

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