Travel Diary #26 : Leaving Kuta for one last destination...

After 3 months in the little town of Kuta (in South Lombok) that allowed us to rest after 6 tiring months of backpacking, we decided that it was time to explore new places again. So, last week, we packed for one last adventure - at least for me.

Before talking more about our new home, here are some images of our last weeks in Kuta :

The perfect spot to watch pro surfers at sunset :

Indonesia is not the first country we think about when it comes to the Muslim community, but it actually has the biggest Muslim population in the world. Besides the island of Bali, which is mostly Hindu, the majority of the country follows Islam. We had the opportunity to to learn more about this culture, specially during Ramadan. I'm amazed by the beauty of the mosques here which seem straight out of a Walt Disney movie.

Nice surprises during our sunrise and sunset drives :

Photo Credit : Adam

The benefits of living with French people...

One last drink at the top of the hill before leaving Kuta :

Our group is slowly decreasing, Tiphaine is on her way to France so we are only 3 now. I'm about to spend my last month here before coming back too !

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