Travel Diary #18 : Hello from Laos !

Hello from Laos ! 🇱🇦

We left Thailand with a new challenge : spending one week without using internet or any other electronic devices. Meaning: No maps, no clocks, no translator, no news, no music... and no social media. We live in a world where disconnecting is almost impossible; in a world where we have to apologize for answering to a message 24h "late". Without noticing it, we make ourselves available everywhere, at all times and for everyone. But this week, we decided we didn't have to.

This little experience rid me of some bad habits : checking social media as soon as I wake up, being distracted when I work, and of my reliance of my phone to solve any problem I have during the day. I also realized how much time I was wasting on social media, passively watching content that - for the most part - doesn't even interest me. I want to make the most of my time while traveling, that's why I'm working on new habits. I'm back in the digital world now, but certainly with a different view !

We crossed the border of Thailand and Laos by bus and what an experience ! The journey was chaotic and the first hours in Laos alarming but I've finally made it to Luang Namtha, close to the Chinese border.

Getting lost in the aisles of the local market...

We felt it was time to take on one easy challenge of "The List" : save an animal. So, we bought "Tom" (a young and ambitious black chicken) before his head was cut off like his comrades. We bought him for 50.000 Lao KIP (around 5€) and brought him to the countryside to let him free !

First and last family picture

As the city was quiet, we left for a 2-day trek. After a 5-hour walk in the jungle, we had the chance to spend the night in one of the local villages.

I couldn't give you a better description of the dynamic of our group than this photo

This experience made us discover how life happens in the middle of the jungle and we realized the contrast between our two worlds. Without access to electricity, clean water, or even concrete walls, following their way of life was a lesson in both humility and humanity.

Group picture credit : Vasilis

It's time to tell you more about THE LOST YEARS.

Tiphaine, Thomas, Adam, Vasilis and I came up with a project that we named "The Lost Years". The project started with a list of 31 challenges to complete during our trip through Asia to add spice to our adventure and push ourselves beyond our limits. Our idea was simple : realize our dreams, complete our list, and help others along the way. But, the idea behind ​​The Lost Years is even bigger...


"Everybody, at some point in their lives, has been robbed of time they wish they could get

back. Whether it’s 40 hours a week at a job you didn’t enjoy, a period in your life spent around the wrong people, or the time you spent telling yourself you would travel the world one day but never did – this project is dedicated to the years we’ve lost while afraid to take the leap.

We’ve set out to recapture our time & dreams and make the most of the moment while it lasts. We’ve left home to ask people around the world what their dreams are. From all corners of the world; from Bangkok to Paris; from Greece to the United States; from Africa to South America; everybody has a dream and everybody deserves to be inspired to chase it."

What is your dream?

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Update of "The List" :

Video of my friend V

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