Travel Diary #17 : 2020, an exciting start to the new decade

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2019 could not have ended better and I am so excited to see what 2020 has in store for us. I urge you all to take risks and take the plunge into big projects you have always dreamed of. I wish the good fortune of travelling to everyone. I wish for you to get lost in order to find your way. I wish happiness to those who still believe in it. And, finally, I wish for another year believing the world is still a good place. 💫

I'm grateful to have a group of inspiring and inspired friends to live this amazing adventure with. At 22-years-old, I can't wait to make mistakes, make wrong decisions, and take more risks to keep growing and live the adventures I've always dreamed about. 🌙

I take this opportunity to thank you, those who read this blog. Your encouragement and feedback is precious. 🙏🏼

Happy New Dreams, Happy New Goals... Happy New Year ! 🥂


2019 n'aurait pas pu se terminer mieux d'une meilleure façon et je suis si excitée de voir ce que 2020 nous réserve ! Je vous souhaite à tous de prendre des risques et à sauter le pas pour réaliser les grands projets dont vous avez toujours rêvé. Je souhaite le voyage à tout le monde, je vous souhaite de vous perdre pour mieux vous retrouver, je souhaite du bonheur à ceux qui y croient encore, et je me souhaite de continuer à croire que le monde est encore un bel endroit. 💫 Je suis reconnaissante d'avoir un groupe d'amis inspirant et inspirés pour vivre cette aventure à travers le monde. À 22 ans, j'ai hâte de prendre de mauvaises décisions, de faire de nouvelles erreurs et de prendre des risques pour grandir toujours plus et vivre les aventures dont j'ai toujours rêvé. 🌙 J'en profite pour vous remercier, vous qui lisez ce blog. Vos encouragements et vos commentaires sont précieux. 🙏🏼 A nos nouveaux rêves, à nos nouveaux objectifs... Bonne Année ! 🥂

The year 2020 has started in an intense way. On December 31, my friends gave me an unexpected and precious gift: organizing my first photo exhibition. They gave me the opportunity to display my work for the first time and at the same time, achieve one of my dreams.

Amazing pictures by Tiphaine :

So, my first photo exhibition took place on January 7 in a café of the peaceful village of Pai - in the north of Thailand. This place has been really special for our group so I was even more than happy and proud to do this project there !

Thanks a lot to those who took time to come and give feedback on my work !

Thanks Tiphaine for making this amazing video documenting the day :

After the first week of the new decade, we decided to keep the intensity and take on another challenge on our list : Get a tattoo ! (Sorry mom, sorry dad 🤭)

Tattoo artist : The talented Katty Marie Isabell

Some artsy photos from this inspiring town before leaving ...

Finally, it was time, after 3 weeks, to leave this town and our cozy hostel, Carrot on the Moon 🌕

It was time to take the "762 Vomit-Inducing Curves" road back to Chiang Mai for our last couple of days in Thailand...

@AnalogCafe, the perfect place to have a delicious drink, listen to live music and develop film photographs!


See you soon Thaïland, the adventure continues ! ✈️🇹🇭

Next stop... in the next blogpost !

Update of "The List" :