Travel Diary #14 : The night we climbed the highest volcano in Bali

Last pictures before leaving Lovina...

Credit : Tiphaine & Vasilis

5th December 11:00pm - we put our headlamps and started to climb the highest point on Bali : Agung Volcano.

Credit : Thomas

At 4am, after 7h of hard climbing in the dark, we managed to reach the summit to watch the sunrise at 3 000 meters above the sea level....One of the hardest and most incredible experience of my life.

9h, one mental break-down and muscle pain later, we finally managed to reach the bottom of the mountain.

Credit : Adam

The adventure documented by my friend V :

For our last days in Bali, we decided to explore Southern Bali : The Peninsula.

> Dreamland & Balangan Beach

Today we're leaving for new adventures ... in Thaïland ! ✈️

See you soon Bali.

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