1 Month Solo Travelling in Vietnam (with a Disposable Camera)

It's already the end of 30 days solo backpacking in Vietnam and probably one the most intense experience of my life. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with being "solo".

Everything started with the motto "get out of your confort zone". After having spent one year abroad, being back in my French comfort seemed boring. So, I found out travelling alone was the best solution to force myself to go beyond my own boundaries and challenge myself to grow as an individual. For a month, I traded my comfort and habits for adventure, meaningful moments... and freedom.

Travelling alone means taking care of everything on your own. All your senses are constantly awake and makes you feel truly alive. It's a constant pure adrenaline and being able to face all these situations becomes, then, so rewarding.

I ended this trip without a phone, less money and huge eye bags -- but with the feeling of being so much richer than when I left. It is only the beginning, now, the adventure continues... Second stop: Bali ! Even if I loved the solo experience, I'm more than happy to continue the adventure with my friends.

I think I'm better with pictures than words, so here is a summary of the most intense month of my life:


This experience wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't meet all these beautiful people

Travelling "solo"

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