Oh hi there, my name is Lola, Lo' or Lolita depending on the day. I've always been passionate about creating and sharing inspiring content. While my friends call me artist, compagnies call me freelancer. Today, my favorites forms of expression are video and photography. After a master degree in communication, I'm actually working as a writer and curator for Fubiz, a french media about art, design and pop-culture. An experience of 1 year abroad meeting inspiring people from all over the world made me realized how travelling was important to me, that's why I decided to spend this year travelling around Asia !

Everybody has a little something that makes us unique. Mine is probably my optimism, making me believe the world is still a good place to live in. What about yours ?



July 2020 - 1 month long gallery - Analog cafe & Gallery - Chiang Mai, Thailand 

January 2020 - Personal Photo Exhibition - Payi Resort - Pai, Thailand 


(Photo) Travelermaster

(Photo) BBC

Lola Delabays.